caliber 9 mm Br. (.380 ACP)

The design of the vz. 61 was unique in its time. It uses the following common operational features : an unlocked bolt, magazine inserted into the bottom of the receiver (outside of the pistol grip) and a folding stock. These common features are combined with the following unusual characteristics : extraordinary small size, and fires from a closed bolt. 9 mm Br. caliber takes this proven design one step further.



Sa vz. 61 Pistol cal. 9 mm Br. technical specifications

Caliber  9 mm Br. (.380 ACP)
Barrel length  115 mm
Overall length  273 mm
Width of the weapon  45 mm
Height of the pistol with 20 rd magazine  185 mm
Weight of the pistol without magazine  1.29 kg
Weight of the pistol with full 20 rd magazine  1.53 kg
Weight of the empty 20 rd magazine  0.05 kg
Weight of the full 20 rd magazine  0.28 kg