caliber 9 mm P.A. Knall (Blank)

The Sa vz.61 in the 9 mm P.A.Blank calibre was developed by Czech Small Arms specifically for gun collectors in countries that do not allow the use of regular firearms or those where purchase of blank firing weapons do not require a gun licence. The Sa vz.61 Blank has a 67 mm long and 2 mm thick plate welded inside the barrel through two crosswise pins, thus making it impossible to fire any bullet-provided cartridge.



Sa vz. 61 cal. 9 mm P.A. Blank technical specifications

Caliber 9 mm P.A. Blank (Knall)
Barrel length 115 mm
Overall length with stock extended 522 mm
Overall length with stock folded 270 mm
Width of the weapon 45 mm
Height of the pistol with 20 rd magazine 185 mm
Weight of the pistol without magazine 1.37 kg
Weight of the pistol with full 20 rd magazine 1.52 kg
Weight of the empty 20 rd magazine 0.05 kg